Some users have experienced Auto-Tune® Pro not showing up in their DAW after installing Auto-Tune Unlimited. 

In order to avoid this, make sure to uninstall any existing versions of Auto-Tune Pro before you install Auto-Tune Unlimited.

If you've already installed Auto-Tune Unlimited over Auto-Tune Pro, and Auto-Tune Pro isn't found in your DAW, follow the steps below to uninstall, and reinstall everything.

1. Uninstall Auto-Tune Unlimited and Auto-Tune Pro 

  • On a Mac computer - Open the Uninstaller app found in the Applications folder (MacHD/Applications/Antares Audio Technologies/Auto-Tune/Uninstaller)
    • In the uninstaller, type "Y" to confirm the uninstallation.
    • Then, enter your computer system's password to complete uninstall.
  • On a Windows computer - Uninstall Auto-Tune Unlimited by using the Apps & features menu
    • From the Start menu choose Settings
    • Click "Apps"
    • In the pane on the left, click "Apps & features."
    • In the Apps & features pane on the right, find Auto-Tune click on it. Then click "Uninstall." You will need to confirm by clicking "Uninstall" in the pop-up window.
      • Or: Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features>Uninstall

2. Reinstall Auto-Tune Unlimited  

  • From this link, download and install Auto-Tune Unlimited

3. Once the installation is complete, relaunch your DAW and confirm you can now access and use Auto-Tune Pro and the Auto-Tune Unlimited bundle.

If this doesn't resolve your issue, please contact our technical support team by submitting a new support ticket.