Auto-Tune® Pro 9.1 uses computer-based Wibu licenses, and not iLok. If you're updating from an earlier version of Auto-Tune Pro that uses iLok, please see this article for important compatibility information. 

If you decide to install the update, you'll need to activate your Auto-Tune Pro Wibu license onto your computer.

Here's how to do that:

1.Download and install the WIBU CodeMeter User Runtime application.

2. Download and run the latest Auto-Tune Pro installer.

3. Open Antares Central (located in the Applications/Antares Audio Technologies folder on Mac, and in the Program Files folder on Windows)

4.Login to your Antares account with Antares Central

5.Select “Manage Licenses” and click Next

6.Click on your Auto-Tune Pro license to activate it.

7. Open Auto-Tune Pro in your DAW and enjoy!

8. Cubase users only: follow these additional instructions.