Auto-Tune® Pro version 9.1 is now available. Here's what you should know before you update. 

It’s an important and free maintenance update

  • It's free for anyone who owns Auto-Tune Pro

  • It includes important improvements and bug fixes.

  • Version 9.1 will open instances of version 9.0, but we cannot guarantee 9.0 will load settings saved with 9.1 (more info)

  • If you're in the middle of a project, you may want to save a backup or finish the project before updating it.

  • If you exchange project files with other Auto-Tune Pro users, you may want to ensure they have also updated to 9.1 before updating.

It uses computer-based Wibu licenses, not iLok

  • In order to use version 9.1, you will need to activate your license onto your computer using Antares Central.

  • If you own an iLok License, we've added a Wibu license to your Antares account.

  • Each Wibu license can be activated on up to two computers at a time.

  • iLok licenses are still valid, but can only be used with version 9.0.1 and earlier.

It’s not compatible with some older systems

  • The update requires at least macOS 10.11 or Windows 8.1.

  • It’s 64-bit only and is not compatible with 32-bit DAWs or operating systems.

  • If you're using an older or 32-bit system, please continue using version 9.0.1

How to update

Please follow the instructions here to update and activate your new license.