If you're trying to activate an Antares license to your computer but don’t see it available in Antares Central, please see the info below for possible solutions.

1. Does your Antares plug-in use Antares Central or iLok for registration and activation?

Some Antares plug-ins only use iLok while others use Antares Central for license activation. 

To find out if your Antares plug-ins use iLok or Antares Central, see this article.

If your plug-ins use iLok, follow the instructions here.

2. Do you still need to register the plug-in to your Antares account?

If you're sure your plug-in uses Antares Central, but still don't see the license available, you may need to register the plug-in to your Antares account.

To register your plug-in with Antares Central:

  1. Open Antares Central

  2. Choose Activate a New Product License and click Next.

  3. Choose From a Dealer or Software Bundle and click Next.

  4. Enter your registration code and click Next

  5. Your license should now be registered and activated.

3. Did you previously activate your Antares plug-in to two other computers (or two separate user profiles on one computer)?

Antares plug-ins authorized with Antares Central can be used on a maximum of two computers at once. 

If you activate the plug-in to two different user profiles or accounts on a single physical computer, this also counts as two activations.

To activate on a third computer or user account, you will need to deactivate from one of the others first.

To deactivate a license:

  1. Open Antares Central on the computer that you’re deactivating

  2. Choose Manage Licenses and click Next

  3. Click on a product in the Activated column to deactivate it.

4. Did you register your Antares plug-in to an Antares account with a different email address than the one you're currently logged into in Antares Central?

Make sure you've logged into Antares Central using the same email address used when purchasing and registering the plug-in.

5. If the above steps don’t solve the problem, please contact support