The below information only applies to Antares plug-ins that are authorized with Antares Central.  (If you're not sure if your Antares plug-ins use Antares Central authorization, see this article for help.)

If your Antares plug-ins use iLok authorization and you're trying to install them on a new computer, follow these instructions instead.

If you've already authorized your plug-ins to your computer with Antares Central, but are getting a new computer or taking your computer into a repair shop for maintenance, follow the steps below to avoid any authorization issues in the future:

1. Startup Antares Central and login to your Antares account

2. Go to the "Manage Licenses" screen, deactivate all of your licenses from your computer, and quit Antares Central.

3. After you get your new computer (or when you get your computer back from the repair shop), follow the Antares Central authorization instructions to reactivate your licenses to your new computer.