Auto-Tune® EFX+'s Auto-Motion feature is a melodic pattern generator that can automatically pitch shift your vocals or instrument.  It's also possible to configure it so patterns automatically start and stops when you sing or play your instrument into Auto-Tune EFX+.  To do this, follow the instructions below:

1. Load Auto-Tune EFX+ on an audio track and enable live input monitoring.  (The procedure to do this varies between DAWs, so please consult your DAW's documentation to see how to do this).

2. Switch to the Auto-Motion view and then set the Trigger Mode control to 'Auto'

3. Select a desired pattern from the patterns list, and configure the other settings to your liking.

4. Sing or play your instrument, and the Auto-Motion pattern should automatically start when pitched input is detected.  It will stop and reset to the beginning of the pattern whenever pitched input stops.