Below is an assortment of info and answers to common questions about the Auto-EFX multi-effects rack in Auto-Tune® EFX+.

How can I generate my own custom Auto-EFX patches?

You can save your own custom effects patches by modifying existing Auto-EFX patches and saving them as a preset with your DAW's plugin preset functionality.

1. In EFX+, switch to the Auto-EFX mode and use the Patches browser to load a patch.  (You can also access default templates which feature every possible combination of effects modules in the "Multi-FX Templates" sub-folder within the "Antares" folder).

2. Once you've loaded a patch, select individual effects modules and use the XY pad to customize the settings as desired.

3. Save your settings as a plugin preset within your DAW (recording software).  Your effect settings should be recalled whenever you load your plugin preset.  (The procedure to do this varies depending on which DAW you're using, so please consult your DAW's documentation if you don't know how to save a plugin preset.)

How do you access all the different vocoder emulations in the plugin?

1. Load EFX+ and switch to the Auto-EFX mode

2. Open the "Antares" Patch folder, and then open the "Vocode" Patch folder.  Each of these Patches uses a different vintage vocoder emulation.  Select a vocoder patch whose sound suits your needs.  Enjoy!