If you see any of these screens when you try to use your Antares plugin, you probably don't have your iLok USB dongle plugged into your computer.

Activation Code Entry iLok ScreeniLok Activation is required screeniLok License Account Login ScreenDo you have this iLok screen

You must plug your iLok USB dongle into your computer to use iLok-protected Antares plugins.

If you do not have an iLok USB Smart Key dongle, you'll have to purchase one so you can activate your Antares plugin license to it. 

Once you get an iLok USB dongle, follow all of the iLok License Activation instructions to authorize your Antares plugin and use it in your recording software.


• In spite of the messages seen on the screens above, Antares plugins do not use iLok Activation codes.

• You do not have an iLok Activation code.

• You cannot activate your Antares license through these iLok screens.  Do not bother entering an activation code into the iLok screen's text fields, it will not work.

• The demo and full versions of Antares plugins require an iLok USB Smart Key dongle.