The below information only applies to Antares plug-ins that are authorized with iLok.  (If you're not sure if your Antares plug-ins use iLok authorization, see this article for help.)

If your Antares plug-ins use Antares Central authorization and you're trying to install them on a new computer, follow these instructions instead.

If you used to use your Antares plugins on an older computer but have to use them on a newer computer for some reason (e.g. hard drive failure, computer upgrade, etc.) please follow the instructions below:

1. Download the iLok License Manager application from iLok's website and install it onto your new computer.

2. Plug your iLok USB dongle with your Antares license activations into your new computer.

3. Go to our website's Software Downloads page and download the installer for your Antares plugin.  If you don't find the plugin listed on the Software Downloads page, check the Discontinued Software page.

4. Quit any DAWs (recording software) you may have open before performing the installation.

5. After the Antares plugin download completes, run the installer to ensure it's properly installed on your computer.  You should receive an 'installation successful' message once it's complete.

6. Restart your DAW and you should be good to go.

If you followed all of the above instructions but cannot load your Antares plugins in your DAW, please consult the FAQ articles in the Plug-in Not Showing Up in DAW section.  Please also consult our Host/DAW Compatibility and Operating System Compatibility requirements to ensure your Antares plugins are compatible with your new computer system.