Due to the plug-in IDs being different in the AAX versions of Auto-Tune® 8.1 and Auto-Tune Pro, Auto-Tune Pro is not able to import user presets created by Auto-Tune 8.1.  Opening an Auto-Tune 8.1 preset using Auto-Tune Pro will result in the following error message:

In order for Auto-Tune Pro to import an Auto-Tune 8.1 user preset, it is necessary to edit the preset file (.tfx) in a text editor such as TextEdit (macOS) or WordPad (Windows).  Here are the steps to edit the .tfx file so it can be imported into Auto-Tune Pro AAX:

1. Locate the preset file and open it in your text editor. Pro Tools stores the Auto-Tune 8.1 plug-in presets in the following locations on macOS and Windows:

macOS: MacHD/Users/(Log-in)/Documents/Pro Tools/Plug-In Settings/AutoTune81AAX

Windows: This PC\Documents\Pro Tools\Plug-In Settings\AutoTune81AAX

2. The opened Auto-Tune 8.1 preset file (.tfx) has the plug-in ID (“AT81”) twice in the first line.

3. The “AT81AT81” characters are the ones needing to be changed to “ATunATun”. For example:




4. Once the characters have been changed, please save the file with your text editor. The edited preset file can now be imported into Auto-Tune Pro AAX in Pro Tools.

5. Open an instance of Auto-Tune Pro in Pro Tools.

6. Open the Preset drop-down by clicking the triangle and select “Import Settings…”

7. Locate the edited preset file and click “Open.”

8. Preset files will now open in Auto-Tune Pro.

9. Save the settings as a new preset in Auto-Tune Pro.