If you only have a license for one of the individual AVOX 4 plugins and not the entire bundle (for example, only AVOX Choir), then you will need to perform a custom installation of AVOX 4 to only install the plugin you have a license for.  The process for performing a custom installation of individual AVOX plugins is virtually the same on both Mac and PC computer, and complete instructions are below:

1. Quit your recording software (DAW) if it's open.

2. Go to the Antares Software Downloads page and click on the "AVOX 4" link.

3. Download the Mac or PC version.

4. After the download completes, run the AVOX 4 installer but do not perform a default installation.  Instead you will need to perform a custom installation.

5. Click through the screens until you arrive at the "Installation Type" screen and click on the "Customize" button.

6. On the customization screen, deselect the check boxes for all plugins except the individual plugins you have a license for.  For example, if you only have a license for AVOX Choir and none of the other AVOX 4 plugins, deselect the check boxes for all of the other listed plugins except for Choir.

7. After making your selection, confirm and complete the installation process.  The installer should conclude with an "installation successful" message.

8. Make sure your iLok USB dongle with your AVOX plugin license activation is connected to your computer, restart your DAW and you should now be able to use your AVOX 4 plugin.

If you followed all of the above instructions but do not see your AVOX 4 plugin in your DAW, please consult the corresponding articles in the Plug-in Not Showing Up in DAW section of our Help Desk.