Installation and Compatibility

If your Antares plug-ins are not showing up in Studio One 3 (64-bit), please be sure that you have installed the 64-bit VST or AU version of the plug-in.

If your license is for an older 32-bit version, you may need to first purchase an upgrade, or alternatively, use Studio One 3 in 32-bit mode.

The installers for older versions of our plugins can be found here.


Scanning for plug-ins

If you have installed a compatible AU or VST plugin, and that plug-in is not showing up in Studio One 3, please follow these instructions to resolve the issue:

1. Startup Studio One, click on the Studio One menu, open Preferences, and click the "Locations" icon.

2. Select the VST Plug-ins tab.

3. Make sure the 'Scan at startup’ box is checked.

4. Click the Reset Blacklist button, then click Yes to confirm.

5. Click Apply and Ok.

6. Quit and restart Studio One.