Step One - Purchase

You can purchase any of our plug-ins from our website, or from an authorized dealer. 

Important:  If you've purchase Auto-Tune Access or the standalone version of Auto-Key, follow the instructions here instead of those printed below.  But if you've purchased any other Antares plug-in that uses iLok, follow the steps below. 

Step Two - Register

If you already completed your registration during the purchase process, skip to step three.

Otherwise, register here to have your licenses sent to your iLok account.

Step Three - Activate Your License

Activate your license onto your iLok dongle using the iLok License Manager application.

Step Four - Install Your Software

Download your Antares plug-in from our Software Downloads page, and install it on your computer.

Not sure which plug-in format to install for your DAW (recording software)?  Check out our DAW compatibility page, or your DAW's documenation.

To view more detailed step-by-step instructions about the Antares plug-in setup process, please see Sweetwater's helpful article.