Step One - Purchase

You can purchase any of our plug-ins from our website, or from an authorized dealer.

Step Two - Register and Authorize your Software

  1. Check out this article to figure out if you need to use iLok or Antares Central to authorize your software. Then follow the authorization instructions linked from that article.
  2. Antares Central Authorization Instructions
  3. iLok Registration and Authorization Instructions

Step Three - Install Your Software

Download your Antares plug-in from our Software Downloads page, and install it on your computer.

Not sure which plug-in format to install for your DAW (recording software)?  Check out our DAW compatibility page, or your DAW's documenation.

Important note for AVOX plug-in installationIf you purchased individual AVOX plug-ins from the AVOX 4 bundle, but did not purchase the entire AVOX 4 bundle, see this article for custom installation instructions of individual AVOX plug-ins.